Tweets, Beats, and Sheets: C2 Over Social Media

In which I discuss how to control malware using Twitter, Soundcloud, Google Sheets, and Salesforce.


Social Media C2

The original talk about the sneaky-creeper social media C2 library at BSides Las Vegas.


There’s a companion blog post here if you want more detail.

Monitoring Social Media in 5 Minutes a Week

Introducing my pushpin-web project, which collects and displays geotagged social media in areas the user specifies. This was at SOURCE Boston 2015.


Total Recoll

Talking about my adventures setting up and using Recoll for OSINT work (specifically, sifting through the leaked NSA documents looking for project codenames). This was in the DEF CON 25 recon village.


There’s a companion blog post here if you want more information.


Security of the Near Field Communication Protocol

I published this as a senior in high school, so go easy on me.

Click/touch/tap/glare menacingly at the expandy box below if you want to see the abstract.


Particularly Good Blog Posts

Steganography: The Art and Science of Hiding Things in Other Things

A series of blog posts introducing steganography and Hamming error-correction codes. Fun to write, and I like to think it’s fun to read (and informative). Plus it has somewhere in the neighborhood of a million pictures of a super floofy puppy so honestly what more do you want from me.