Hi - I'm Dakota Nelson.

After my junior year of high school, I moved from South Dakota (where I grew up) to Albuquerque to spend a summer at the US Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate.

I've been solving problems using computers ever since.

From that first summer with the Air Force, I've been slowly moving toward the private sector, spending the next summer at Sandia National Labs, then Systems and Technology Research, a defense contractor, the summer following. In late 2014 I started with Black Hills Information Security, and spent January through May of 2016 at a Bay Area startup called Nylas. I currently run a small security consulting company, Striker Security.

I've worked for the public sector, private sector, and the contractors in between. The problems I help solve range from niche - event registration and attendance analytics - to ubiquitous - securing (and breaking) software. I've designed and built large web-based systems, and worried about other projects all the way down to individual bits. I started with robots, and ended up in security, data visualization, and web tech (not necessarily in that order).

This isn't to say that I only sling code - I particularly enjoy public speaking (at BSides Las Vegas, SOURCE Boston (twice) and Seattle, and assorted gatherings in various capacities) and do a little VC work as an alumni Student Fellow at .406 Ventures (I love startups, and spend quite a bit of time in and around the Boston startup ecosystem). I also enjoy the design process - technical problems are interesting, sure, but they only matter in context. I read whenever I can, and write occasionally. My work at Striker Security focuses on building out interesting projects with special focus on cyber ISR and offensive tooling for red teams.

Oh yeah, I'm also an undergraduate student at Olin College in Boston, where I promise I always make time to attend classes. Looks like I'll be working on my engineering degree through the end of 2017.

If you have cutting-edge R&D problems to solve, I want to hear from you! Of particular interest are security projects, especially cyber C2ISR or offensive tools, where I have some experience, and data visualization/decision support tools for analysts. You can also head over to my blog if you want to hear more from me on security, software, and a little bit of everything else.

Say hi at , or find me on keybase.