Hey, welcome.

This is the webiste of Dakota Nelson.

My day job is at Black Hills Information Security as a penetration tester. Outside of that… well, where do I even start?

This site is mostly an exercise for myself; a sort of self-documentation, to help me keep track of things of interest. I believe the act of writing something down forces you to clarify it in your mind, and this site will ideally do so for the things I think about most often.

It’s extremely a work in progress, and likely always will be.

Please, feel free to poke around, or to reach out and say hi at dakota (big ‘ol dot) w (another dot, crazy) nelson at (the google mail place, you know the one). If you want to reach me some other way, Keybase has nearly every way to reach me. I’m currently not on any social media platforms, so email is probably going to be your best bet.