A subset of my public talks, papers, and blog posts.

Webcast - Tweets, Beats, and Sheets: C2 Over Social Media

A webcast about the sneaky-creeper social media command and control library.

March 2018

Talk - Social Media C2

Command and control of malware using legitimate third-party sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, SalesForce, Google Sheets, and SoundCloud. Presented at BSides Las Vegas 2015.

August 2015

Paper - Security of the Near Field Communication Protocol

A paper published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges discussing security issues with the near field communication (NFC) protol common in modern phones. This was published during my senior year of high school.

December 2013

Talk - Monitoring Social Media in 5 Minutes a Week

This talk introduces pushpin-web, a project which allows for automated real-time collection of geotagged social media from several different platforms.

September 2017

Talk - Total Recoll

Learn how to use Recoll, a very handy swiss army knife full-text search tool. Presented at the DEF CON 25 Recon Village.

August 2017

Blog Post - Steganography: The Art and Science of Hiding Things in Other Things

A series of blog posts introducing the reader to steganography and error correcting codes.

October 2016